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Basic hooded sweatshirt in pink

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Mid-rise slim cropped fit jeans

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Men fashion gray shoes

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ផ្ទះ 99 , ផ្លូវ ផ្លូវ សហព័ន្ធរូស៊ី្ស , ទឹកល្អក់ទី ២, ទួលគោក

ទំនាក់ទំនង: 011 95 96 25/ 092 696 797

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Sok Chea Dental Clinic, Phnom Penh, Cambodia offers international quality dental care and specialized treatment. Right from the day of the establishment, we have strived and succeeded in providing high quality of dental care. Our families have been involved in Dentistry over than 60 years. We draw up the talents of qualified dental practitioner and specialists to offer patient oriented treatment at Sok Chea Dental Clinic. Our professional team of highly motivated dentists have achieved undergraduate and post graduate in specialized fields from prominent local and international universities where they also lecture and train dental students. For the better treatment the clinic has special rooms and dental units for different treatment. The clinic has a total of 17 dental units to make sure that these could provide a proper treatment on time for our patient. We also have fully equipped modern dental instruments and materials that are among the highest standard of technology in Cambodia. While this provides customers with more options for treatment, we also protect you with out standing sterilization methods which ensure the safe possible treatment. Currently SOK CHEA DENTAL CLINIC has three convenient locations. All are suitable for your varied dental needs.

ផ្ទះ 114, ផ្លូវ 138, ទឹកល្អក់ទី ២, ទួលគោក

ទំនាក់ទំនង: 089 81 81 16/016 81 81 16

ជំនាញ/ឯកទេស: មាត់ ធ្មេញ
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ផ្ទះ 41AB, ផ្លូវ 138, ផ្សារដេប៉ូទី ២, ទួលគោក

ទំនាក់ទំនង: 023 695 73 97/ 012 715 506